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Privacy policy

Dear site visitor,

Products and links advertised on our website are from Merchants or Affiliate-Networks we partner-with. These partners use and depend on internet cookies and other technology for tracking website users and recording information ("Cookies") from that. The information taken from the "cookies" help them: to identify from which site you are coming to them, what product ID you actually accessed and the time you accessed the link. The Cookies will be placed on any devices you use to access our websites.

We therefore acknowledge:

(a) We place Cookies on Affiliate-network's behalf and provide information about those Cookies; and
(b) By clicking on a Merchant Link, you will be directed to the Merchant's website via Affiliate-network internet domains and that these domains use Cookies.

By browsing on our website and accessing adverts or links shown on our site therefore, you are giving us your consent that the "Cookies" will be applied as explained. If you do not want any Cookies to be placed in your device, please do not browse our site. Or simply clear the Cookie from your device, once you finish browsing our site--go to 'Can I clear the cookie from my device?' section, on how to do this.

Here below is more information to help you understand about "Cookies", the Purposes and how they work:Tracking purposes:This is set when you click on one of our links and used to let the Advertiser (Merchant) and Affiliate network know the website from which you came. This is set when you see an ad and used to help the Affiliate network make sure they don't keep showing you the same ad.Targeting purposes:This is set when you see an ad and used to let the Advertiser (Merchant) and the Affiliate network know where you were when you saw it.What Data does the cookie hold?

• An ID for the referring website, i.e.; our website's ID or name
• An ID for the Ad on which you clicked
• An ID for the group of Ads to which the Ad you click belongs
• The time you clicked the Ad on our site
• Any reference the referring site adds to the click
• An ID for the type of AD
• An ID for the product

What is the Cookie expiry date?

A- This varies depending on the Advertiser (Merchant), but typically will be 30 days.

Can I clear the cookie from my device?

A-Yes. this is pretty easy; here is how to:

Internet Explorer: Go to "tools" and then select "Delete browsing history" and then confirm by pressing the "delete" tab at the bottom of the dialogue-box.

Fire Fox: Go to "History" at the top menu of your browser, then select "Clear Recent History" and then confirm by pressing the "Clear Now" tab at the bottom of the dialogue-box.

Microsoft Edge: Go to the top-right-hand menu, and select "Settings". Down on the list, you will see "clear browsing data", and click the "Choose what to clear" button. This opens a new dialog box where you can select the items you want to clear from the history. There: place a "check mark" or "a tick mark" on the box left of the "browsing history", then down on the dialog box, click the "clear" button. You are done!

Updated: 17 April 2016